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What is Big Orange Robotics?

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Big Orange Robotics is a Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D) team! Ri3D is exactly what it sounds like: our team works for 72 hours to build a robot.


Why build a robot in 72 hours?

In the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), high school teams are given a new challenge every year in early January and have until mid-February to build a robot to compete in this challenge.

Our Ri3D team also builds a robot for this challenge… except that we build ours much quicker. By showing FRC teams a possible robot concept so early, they can learn from us and build better robots!





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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?

We’re students from the University of Tennessee! Most of our team members are also FIRST Alumni, and participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition in high school.

Where are you working?

Our team is working out of the UT Tickle College of Engineering’s Innovation and Collaboration Studio. It’s a big, cool makerspace that’s open to UT students! Thanks to TCE for supporting our team!

Where do you compete?

We don’t compete! The robots we build are purely meant to inspire FRC teams. If we do go to a competition with our robot, we aren’t competing for any sort of prize.

What’s your logo?

Our logo is a depiction of Knoxville’s iconic Sunsphere, which was built for the 1982 World’s Fair.

What teams are you from?

For the 2019 season, our team members are alumni of FRC teams 283, 614, 1002, 2393, 3140, 3824, 3966, 4265, and 5002. We also have members who are not FIRST alumni!

Do you sleep?

Yes, rest assured (get it?) we take our health and safety very seriously. Our members rest when they get tired, and everyone monitors each others’ awareness to ensure everyone stays safe.

What do you provide to FRC teams?

Our team will make social media posts and topic videos during the 72 hour period. After the 72 hour period, we’ll make a reveal video, a technical breakdown video, and write whitepapers on the robot design. Local teams are also encouraged to set up a visit from our team.

Big Orange? What does that mean?

One of UT’s nicknames is “Big Orange Country,” thanks to the iconic orange color the university uses.